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Hello I'm LadyNoise but I'd like to be called Kira, its closer to my real name anyway. My username comes from Noise from Angel Sanctuary (Also the name Kira I started to really like from that series as well). For my webcam thing section I'm going to add funny or cute gifs.

If I have a gallery folder or am in a group dedicated to a certain anime/manga or video game then I plan on doing fanart from it eventually. I love to draw unappreciated characters or from series that aren't well known but I'm pretty much random as to what I'll be in the mood to draw. I rarely just stick to one series for very long though I always tend to go back to Zelda art moods.

I'm almost always up for an art trade if anyone is interested.

- Upcoming Fanart from me -
Gray Fox (Metal Gear Solid), Monsoon (Metal Gear Rising), Faize (Star Ocean), Chris Redfield (Resident Evil), Izaya Orihara (Durarara!!), Shadow Hearts, Shingeki no Kyojin(Attack on Titan), Darksiders, Fire Emblem (probably more from Awakening) & more Zelda Art!

Also working on -
:bulletpurple: Christmas Art (For Anna)

Bigger Projects/Tributes -
Man Challenge, Shadow Hearts, Fire Emblem (100 Themes Challenge and Group), Shingeki no Kyojin(Attack on Titan), Valkyrie Profile and Silent Hill.


Vilmos Headshot by LadyNoise
Vilmos Headshot
Just a headshot of my OC Vilmos. I'm going to try to get a headshot done of all of my main characters from my Medical Melody story and for some reason I felt like starting with Vilmos even though he's not one of the major main characters....he'd probably be among the secondary main cast. But in anycase, the last time I drew Vilmos was about 5 years ago so I guess it was about time I drew him again. XD Also he's basically blind on the side that his hair is covering so he doesn't need to worrying about seeing with his hair like that.
  • Listening to: Stardust Crusaders - JoJo BGM
  • Reading: Tokyo Ghoul: re / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  • Watching: Durarara (Still waiting for more Izaya)
  • Playing: Persona Q
  • Drinking: Water
Well I haven't uploaded anything in a little while and since I've done one of these every year (And actually have the day off) I figured I'd write a 2015 summary even though its already February. Again I will be breaking this up into pieces so you can skip anything you'd rather not know about...there are a few depressing things.

:bulletblue: The Good things of the Year :bulletblue:
- I officially have been working a whole year since October. Even though the pay isn't all that great I still really like my job and my current co-workers are alot of fun. We're always joking around and I feel like I can say most anything around them. But I am well liked and alot of the people there (Workers and Customers) are really nice to me.
- I mentioned this before but one of the people I was closest to left randomly and I ended up getting one of my friends from another department into my department. And he is even better than my last friend he's almost the exact opposite of the other one. Its so much better to be around someone who jokes around alot rather than with someone who is depressing all the time. In anycase with him I feel like even though he will be leaving the store sometime soon, that I might have actually found a best friend (Well next to my sister anyway). He's an awesome person and I am so glad I met him.

:bulletred: The Bad things of the Year :bulletred:
- Well one of the worst things that happened this year was that one day I was at work and I get a text from my mom saying my grandpa is in the hospital. Now with my grandpa it has to be really bad before he'd actually consider going to the doctor so I was extremely worried. After a long painful process we found out that he had Lung Cancer. Its so hard because he's been losing weight and is now basically skin and bones. He's so weak and a while back when I was over there he fell (Probably passed out or something) and I panicked but if I wasn't there I dont think my grandma would have been able to lift him. Afterwards he didn't even remember it happened and I just wonder if the medicine he's taking had something to do with that. I wish he was feeling better.
- My mom's cat Sinjin died of kidney failure. My mom said she could tell that she wasn't doing well when I would go into the room and she wouldn't greet me like she always would.
- Work has been tiring at times and there was alot of annoying things regarding insurance and stuff. The insurance meeting they had at work was kind of funny because people were getting so pissed off at the insurance people. I was angry as well because what they were asking for would basically make it so I was working a whole week for free every month but that was worked out a bit so that its more affordable...Its still alot but I can live with that I guess. I mean that would have been outrageous...I was considering quitting at the time because they told me it was either that or they'd cut my hours so I didn't need the insurance but then I'd lost the same amount of money and still not have insurance. So yes the only good thing about that is that they lowered the price of it.
- It happened last month but my brother had gotten into a car accident, to where he rolled his car. He only had a few cuts and scrapes on him but the car has two smashed windows and a broken mirror. The accident I was in a while back was in the same car so I'm starting to think its cursed. I dont currently have a car right now either because one of my belts are broken (Dont ask me which one because I know very little about vehicles) and I lost my power steering. It'd be nice if we could just get a new one.

:bulletpurple: Games I'm Looking Forward to :bulletpurple:
Oh man there are soo many games supposedly (Because you never know if they will delay them as they often do) coming out this year~!!! JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:Eyes of Heaven~ Fire Emblem:Fates~ Ace Attorney~ Persona 5~ Possibly the new Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Nier and Star Ocean! Oh and Twilight Princess HD~ Twilight Princess is one of my favorite Zelda games so I'm pretty excited, I hope they add new stuff.

:bulletgreen: Art Wise :bulletgreen:
So other than a few christmas leftover gifts (Which I am still working on) I think I owe three or four pictures...some of which I've had for quite a while but I have not forgotten about them and I will have them done soon. Christmas and Work has slowed me down quite a bit these last few months but I have alot planned for the year. So I hope I can do more than I have been and that I wont be late on anything this year. I've been working on some fanart from my current obsessions that are almost done so once I finish up my current bunch I can go back to working on those.

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