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Hello I'm LadyNoise but I'd like to be called Kira, its closer to my real name anyway. My username comes from Noise from Angel Sanctuary (Also the name Kira I started to really like from that series as well). For my webcam thing section I'm going to add funny or cute gifs.

If I have a gallery folder or am in a group dedicated to a certain anime/manga or video game then I plan on doing fanart from it eventually. I love to draw unappreciated characters or from series that aren't well known but I'm pretty much random as to what I'll be in the mood to draw. I rarely just stick to one series for very long though I always tend to go back to Zelda art moods.

I'm almost always up for an art trade if anyone is interested.

- Upcoming Fanart from me -
Gray Fox (Metal Gear Solid), Monsoon (Metal Gear Rising), Faize (Star Ocean), Chris Redfield (Resident Evil), Izaya Orihara (Durarara!!), Shadow Hearts, Shingeki no Kyojin(Attack on Titan), Darksiders, Fire Emblem (probably more from Awakening) & more Zelda Art!

Also working on -
:bulletpurple: Christmas Art (For Anna)

Bigger Projects/Tributes -
Man Challenge, Shadow Hearts, Fire Emblem (100 Themes Challenge and Group), Shingeki no Kyojin(Attack on Titan), Valkyrie Profile and Silent Hill.


Rose Princess by LadyNoise
Rose Princess
Art for my good friend :iconsamaryllis: of her lovely OC, I wanted to draw her sitting in a rose field but I got lazy with it and turned it into bushes instead...which looks better from afar because I was still a bit lazy with it....I just wanted to make it pretty why do I have to be so lazy with drawing/coloring? T^T

But I was just thinking that might be somewhere she went to just get away from her problems just to think for a while. Somewhere calming to be alone for a while maybe? I dont know, I hope you like it SA. Slowly getting my list done...just a few more now.
Kivanna by LadyNoise
Character: Kivanna (Kiva) Deijahniel
Done With : SAI

Comments : My OC Kivanna (Its been a while since I've drawn for myself so
since I had a few hours before work I decided to start this) she is a princess
(future ruler) of a desert themed land as part of one of my stories. Basically
that land is ruled by the females (the gerudo's come to mind but actually it was
just a random choice that just happened to be a desert XD They do have men there
its just that the women rule it.) and Kiva's mother is the
current ruler. Kiva's family doesn't want Kiva to be the ruler for a few different
reasons but instead want her sister to be the next ruler. Kiva has a deep hatred
of her family because of this and wants to be the ruler out of spite. Kiva's main
ability is Teleportation and a bit of Telekinesis she can teleport objects as well as alter/control
them with her mind, which is what she was supposed to be doing there..

Kivanna's outfit is from her home world (The desert themed land, in my story there
is many worlds all seperated by barriers everyones appearence changes per world
with a few exceptions) so I made it somewhat egyptian based and her hair has more
of a reddish tint to it normally its just a dark brown. Her headdress is based
off of a rare flower from her land that if found creates an oasis which provides
water for a limited time. Kiva's jewels are blue to represent this, the top jewel
will sometimes appear to have water in it instead of the soild blue color.
The black/purple part in the back (that almost looks like a weird tail or
like the inside par of the skirt XD) is actually a hooded cloak, the hood
is wrapped around the gold band to keep it in place.

My OC Zilanthe is from the same series as Kivanna....which is my newest one.
Although I've been drawing the two of them for quite a while I just didn't know
what to do with them until recently.
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I have a few things to talk about this time so I tried to paragraph them if you only want to read a certain section.

Work -
So a little over a month ago I finally got a job, some of you probably know that I've been trying to find one for quite a long time now so I'm really happy about it! I'm working at a local grocery store and I actually really like it there. Its only part-time so I dont make a whole lot but it is nice to have some money. Everyone is really nice to me there and I really like everyone in my department....some of the other workers too though. And I believe I have finally found a best friend in the form of one of my co-worker's, he was the first one I really bonded with and we have alot of the same interests. Normally I feel like I really dont have much to say to people but I can always find something to talk about with him so I really enjoy working with him~ 

Birthday -
I had to work on my birthday which was pretty tiring since I had to close our department by myself and I really dont like that but it was nice to get home after that. Someone else who works at the store had the same birthday as me but he didn't work that day....he was one of the lucky ones. XD But my birthday will always make me sad now because my dad's birthday is just the day after mine and I miss him soo much....death is too sad/hard to deal with. But no more sad talk. I got some nice gifts and after work it was a pretty good day. ^_^ Although I didn't really do much...just drawing....and relaxing my poor feet.

Fanart Tumblr - 
I started a separate tumblr account (I called it Kirameku Passion, because I am passionate about many different series and I really wanna draw stuff from them. XD) for fanart (Most will still be uploaded here too, I like the comments system better on here anyway), because I want to keep that separate from my main one. That is only for fanart stuff that I've drawn anything OC related and maybe like W.I.P.s will be on my main one. I just threw it together but I'll spice it up later. Anyway I would love to take fanart requests so if you know a series I like (There is a list there too) and would like to see something by me feel free to request something on there...I can't start anything until probably next year though, I'm working on some and then I'll have my brothers picture to do unless I finish early. Anyone want to do a Tokyo Ghoul themed art trade?

Art I Owe - 
So before I do anything I still have art I owe to these lovely people... :iconglamourousglue::iconsamaryllis::iconaisazia::iconhpanna47::iconhanafae: Well plus two others. All of which are drawn but just need to be colored...well...Anna yours is a bit different so thats why thats part of why taking me so long. My family's birthdays and work (Well there was a few other things too) have been slowing my drawing time down but those will be done soon because I'm really motivated to finish them and thanks for being patient with me you guys.

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hpanna47 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014
Happy birthday, kira!
I need to find time to finish art and draw you a birthday drawing. *ashamed*
But it will get done eventually!
LadyNoise Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
Thank you~ I'm worse, I've almost taken a year on the picture I owe you. Hopefully I can learn to take a little at a time and not let my list pile up as much. So yeah take your time.
aisazia Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014
Happy birthday! Hope you've been well! I will have to get you a birthday picture done. Been having a busy few weeks. I hope to talk to you some time. ^^; Anyways, I miss ya! :D
LadyNoise Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
Thank you :glomp: I'm working on yours too, I just had to get some prize art out of the way. I'll send you an email about work sometime when I have time to put it together. XD I hope you're doing well too.
ValaSedai Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday, sweetie!^^
Hope you have a nice day! :)
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