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Hello I'm LadyNoise but I'd like to be called Kira, its closer to my real name anyway. My username comes from Noise from Angel Sanctuary (Also the name Kira I started to really like from that series as well). For my webcam thing section I'm going to add funny or cute gifs.

If I have a gallery folder or am in a group dedicated to a certain anime/manga or video game then I plan on doing fanart from it eventually. I love to draw unappreciated characters or from series that aren't well known but I'm pretty much random as to what I'll be in the mood to draw. I rarely just stick to one series for very long though I always tend to go back to Zelda art moods.

I'm almost always up for an art trade if anyone is interested.

- Upcoming Fanart from me -
Gray Fox (Metal Gear Solid), Monsoon (Metal Gear Rising), Faize (Star Ocean), Chris Redfield (Resident Evil), Izaya Orihara (Durarara!!), Shadow Hearts, Shingeki no Kyojin(Attack on Titan), Darksiders, Fire Emblem (probably more from Awakening) & more Zelda Art!

Also working on -
:bulletpurple: Christmas Art (For Anna)

Bigger Projects/Tributes -
Man Challenge, Shadow Hearts, Fire Emblem (100 Themes Challenge and Group), Shingeki no Kyojin(Attack on Titan), Valkyrie Profile and Silent Hill.


Merric by LadyNoise
My Lineart of Merric for Manatiki, I just wanted to upload my lineart to show that I haven't forgotten about it. I am about halfway done with the coloring so hopefully I'll be done with it pretty soon.

Drawn For : :iconmanatiki: in :iconfireemblem-club:'s Secret Santa Event
SS-Reunited by LadyNoise
Character(s) : Vyse, Aika, Fina and Gilder
Series : Skies of Arcadia
Done With : SAI
Drawn For : :iconsharulia: in :iconarcadianlegends:'s Secret Santa Event

Comments : Basically I did a re-draw of this picture because when you said you'd like something with one of the reuniting scenes my mind immediately went to that scene where they are reunited at Daccat's Island. I know I left out a few details and Gilders hair is a bit longer than it should be but I'm hoping the fact that I added all four of them would make up for that. >_< Anyway I hope you like it~

Sorry I'm late with this I originally planned on starting this early but I had alot going on these last few months and it took me longer than I thought it would to color.
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Hello everyone~ I just felt like doing a little update journal since my old journal entry was kinda depressing. This one will be a little bit better...not alot better but better none the less. I'm gonna space this out a bit like I usually do if ya want to skip to something in particular.

:bulletblack: Work Related :bulletblack:
I dont know if I told anyone this or not but we ended up getting two new people in my department a few months back (After my friend and another one who left after he only worked like three days then didn't call or anything) and we got a new boss (Of which was someone I kind of liked from another department who transferred). Things were going pretty well and I was pretty close to both of our new people, but now one of them worked their last day on Tuesday because he has to move back to where he was originally living which is pretty far away. And I miss him so much already, I baked him cookies for his last day of work and brought them to him even though I wasn't working that day (Its a little ways for me to drive). I think the day I worked with him last was friday. But the thing that worked out well for me as well as my boss was that one of my friends who worked in another department asked me if we had any openings in our department because he hated his current department so I talked to my boss (Who was his old boss) and he said it was a possibility so now almost two months later he's finally all transferred. So I'm excited to get to work with him, we started working around the same time and we've become pretty close over those months. Hopefully he'll be a great addition to our department and I hope he doesn't take as many sick days as the rest of the people currently in the department do, seriously I've only taken two sick days in the 10 months (I've almost been there a whole year, Yay!) I've been there. One was for a headache that was so bad I couldn't even stand up without feeling nauseous and the other one I'll explain in the next paragraph. But overall work has been decent, I get along with the people there fairly well...I still have a hard time talking to people but I'm pretty sure I'll never get over that. Its been kind of fun some days though.

:bulletred: Burn :bulletred:
So Last monday (the 20th) I split a pot of boiling water on my leg which left a huge burn from the top of my thigh to slightly above my knee. And if anyone has a burn that bad put cold (Not freezing) water on that right away and I highly recommend Aloe Vera (The plant, I heard the bottled stuff isn't that great). I've had smaller burns that I didn't really treat that hurt more than that. After the burning cooled down from the water I put the aloe vera on it and I had hardly any pain from it at all, the only problem I had was when my blisters popped but really it didn't hurt at all. I couldn't work that next day because I couldn't walk without it feeling like it was pulling on my burn plus my pants were rubbing against it. I felt bad because that left only two people in the department (We almost always have atleast 3 or 4 minimum) but hey its not like they've never done that to me. I've been all by myself some days. So yeah my burn is now at that kind of itchy/skin peeling stage so its annoying but it's healing well enough....atleast I can walk properly now. I have one in the shape of a flame on my foot too.

:bulletpurple: Art Wise :bulletpurple:
I haven't had much time to draw lately, even with my three days off this week (Which I requested for last week but didn't get because of our produce sale >_<) I still had to prepare for my moms birthday and such so it didn't leave me that long to myself. I have 4 pieces that I'm working on right now that are almost done, two of them are the art I've owed friends and I am sorry I'm taking so long on these you two...I dont have anything special to do for this month so I'm trying to complete them by then.

:bulletblue: Sketches :bulletblue:
I kind of want to do some quick sketchy art as a bit of stress relief and since I have to work 5 days in a row starting tomorrow and wont have much time to work on anything bigger for a while. So if you'd like one just let me know what you'd like for me to draw for ya. Most likely it wont be in color but I might try something more painterly looking so you never know.

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